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Bengal Fine Tea is what all teas should be. It is single estate, organic, biodynamic, fair trade and is produced using ethical and sustainable methods. Not only that, the tea gardens are a social enterprise designed to
benefit the workers, their families, the producers and you. Our tea is not only good for you but also for the community and the planet.

The Story


Our delicious teas come to you from northern Bangladesh, an area nestled between the tea growing regions of Darjeeling and Assam in the foothills of the Himalayas. Created in a previously fallow area of northern Bangladesh to produce excellent single source organic teas and to bring prosperity to an economically depressed area and impoverished local population.


The region has been transformed from a arid land to the lush organic tea garden it is today. The land is cultivated without the use of machinery or synthetic chemicals. Traditional methods of soil, water and land conservation have resulted in a diverse and thriving ecosystem teeming with a variety of once endangered plant and animal species.



Tea lovers know the bigger the leaf the better the quality and taste. Small broken pieces and dust are used most often in cheaper tea bags. Today, tea is usually brewed in tea bag form straight into a cup or mug. Good teas are best tasted using loose leaf tea brewed in a tea pot or simple infuser spoon. A tea pot is best warmed with a swirl of hot water before the tea is added.


Everyone has their own preference for tea strength but the rule of thumb is one heaped teaspoon per person with perhaps one extra for the pot with black tea. Black tea is best brewed for three to five minutes to produce optimal taste. Green and Oolong requires a shorter time of two to three minutes. Delicate white tea should be brewed for only one to two minutes.


Black tea requires freshly boiling water. White, green and oolong tea taste better brewed with water that is just off the boil. For those who wish to be more exacting there are kettles that can be set to differing temperatures to suit the chosen tea.

The Gardens and the People.


As well as producing excellent tea the enterprise has been designed to create jobs and improve education, health and prosperity in the region. The gardens provide employment for more than 600 workers which in turn supports the 1,700 plus community.


The revolutionary economic model lends cattle to local women who in return supply milk and fertiliser. They then keep both the surplus milk and dung and in addition subsequent calves. The co-op teaches organic farming and the members are able to sell their produce to the surrounding community.


Sales of tea support the farming cooperative directly and indirectly and the surrounding communities benefit too. Health and education as well as an escape from poverty are all benefits from the production of this wonderful tea.

Our Range

We currently stock a range of teas in sachets or in bulk. Teas currently available include

  • Black tea

  • Green tea

  • Oolong tea


We are excitedly anticipating expanding our range. Watch this space for the addition of the following teas

  • White tea

  • Lemongrass tea

  • Tulsi tea

  • Jasmine green tea



We are proud to have the following certifications - 


Our source gardens have rigorous testing and auditing programs each year to bring you the most ethically produce teas.

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